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Navigating a Troubled World

In the midst of greed destroying the environment, the sabotage of personal and social freedoms, political strife, a life overwhelmed by media and the internet, as well as the basic struggle to survive economically, individuals must do something. In the privacy of their souls, they must cling to their right and obligation to make choices that are constructive and loving. What an arduous task!

It takes the strength of character, a solid moral and emotional compass, a passion for life, as well as a love for self and others to not fall into the pit of bitterness, anger, blames, resentment, or resignation. So many of us buckle underneath what looks like senseless cruelty, extremism, and brutality that laces our lives and filters into our homes, minds, and souls.

How do we stay positive, loving, and committed to doing good? It is a continuous challenge and commitment to choose and act on the side of forgiveness and compassion. Watching the news, there are many parts of the world that are being devastated by political/social forces, natural disasters, disease, and economic strife. To me, the brutal condition in Ukraine is a symbol of our struggle to maintain human dignity intact.

Are we able to settle our minds and souls in the realm of justice, unity, and love? Not an easy choice. If we can awaken to this truth, we can find our inner peace.

Each one of us has to be responsible for our inner being. If we are internally filled with anxiety, anger, fear, and conflict, we are not contributing to peace. I am here to help you, if you choose, to create inner peace, strength and harmony within yourself and your life

You can reach Nomi Bachar at, 212-877-0346, Schedule a Free 30-minute call here.


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