Gates of Power Method and Program is a comprehensive coaching system. This Affordable Program is 1 on 1 + Group workshops, Couples and Corporate training.. Go Beyond Therapy.

RELEASE: Insecurities, Fears, Emotional Pain, Limiting Beliefs/ Behaviors

BUILD: Confidence, Inner-peace, Real Achievement – 212.877.0346

Affordable, private online counseling and workshops. Anytime, anywhere. Better than traditional therapy Gates of Power give You the tools to Release the negativity we hold on to, which holds us back from reaching our true potential. Learn how to Build positive habits which allow you to Balance Your life and Your Work. This creates a fulfilled, more productive way of life. Transform Your life. Now.


30-minute free consult


Are you feeling stuck, insecure, sad, self doubting, anxious, not quite able to achieve your goals, and feel fulfilled?  


Have you tried psychotherapy, coaching, transformational workshops and meditations but are still struggling?

Is this your first experience looking for counseling?


You are all in the right place.


Breathe a sigh of relief, your struggles are over. Our program will be the last coaching/training you will ever need. 

  • You will find your focus, your inner power, confidence and true purpose

  • You will find your expression and ease of relating

  • You will find your personal unique purpose, your path and will stay on it steady


Who are we? How are we different?


Hi, I am Nomi Bachar a human potential expert, coach, and psychotherapist. I have created a method and a program like no other out there. It is called Gates of Power®.

What is Gates of Power®? 

Gates of Power® program is a full training that helps you heal, transform, and actualize your potential visions and desires. The program heals and balances your inner self as well as recharging all Seven Areas of your life. The training includes meditations, spiritual study, emotional healing, expressive and creative exercises, energetic healing, and a very specific and actionable plan.



How is it different and unique? 


Gates of Power® coaching program supports you in mastering the two most important elements in the area of self-healing and self-actualization. Without mastering these two elements, true transformation and healing is not possible. 


These TWO very important ELEMENTS are missing in most trainings and methods offered. Gates of Power® provides extensive training to master them.


  1. Healing and aligning the three aspects of the inner self (Emotional, Defensive, Expanded)

  2. Optimizing all seven areas of life called the Seven Gates of Power®


I invite you to take a journey to understand more about the Gates of Power® program.

Take yourself on a quick journey to understand Gates of Power®


The 2 most important elements for Self-Growth and Transformation

Gate of Power® Method educates and empowers you to attain these 2 most important elements in the field of healing, growth and transformation. 


The First Element:

1. Identifying balancing and unifying all 3 aspects of your Inner-Self
     [Emotional-Self, Defensive-Self, and Expanded-Self].

Watch the next video to understand the first element and how it affects your life.


The Second Element:

2. Energizing, Optimizing and Empowering all 7 areas of your life. ar. Strengthen Your Mental health!

Watch the last video to understand the second element.

Gates of Power® Program takes you from a compromised state to optimized living.

When you know how to work with these two important elements you can create the strength, the wholeness and fulfillment that you are meant to have.  



This is what the program does for you:

  • Takes you from limitation to possibility, from frustration to fulfillment 

  • Builds your confidence and dissolves inner doubts 

  • Liberates your authentic expression and creativity 

  • Sharpens your focus and sense of purpose and direction

  • Helps you build fulfilling relationships both personal and at work

  • Gets you to move from dreaming to accomplishing 

  • Helps you leverage your skills and talents 

  • Cultivates your inner peace, inner freedom
    and sense of fulfillment 

How does Gates of Power® achieve these results?


The program uses five transformational modalities:

  • Emotional processes to release stored trauma and unexpressed emotions

  • Energetic understanding to learn how to work with your energy field

  • Creative expression which helps your ability to create and express

  • Spiritual connection and meditations to help you connect with the universal force

  • Actionable coaching using a precise map of choices, commitments and actions to help you achieve goals in all seven areas of life.


"In life, there are those who walk the walk and others who talk to the talk. Nomi Bachar not only does both with exquisite grace, her method, Gates of Power® changes the way you feel about yourself and how you look at the world. Give her one hour and your life would be changed for good."

—  Lawrence Zarian, TV Personality & Celebrated Author

Take Your Life From:




RELEASE: Insecurities, Fears, Emotional Pain, Limiting Beliefs and Behaviors


BUILD: True Confidence, Focus, Authentic Expression, Vibrant Well being and fulfilling success in all seven areas of life

These are the seven areas of life called Gates:

body 1.jpg

The Gate of Bodyexplores your body, its expression, & energetic patterns. You gain awareness of your relationship to your body and learn to understand your body as a mirror of your consciousness, reflecting your emotions, beliefs, and personal history. You come to enjoy the freedom of your body as an instrument of expression.

emotion 3.jpg

The Gate of Emotions: encourages emotional openness, integration, and expression. To become emotionally healthy you need to explore your feelings and express them appropriately. Free your energy field, with our help, you remove blocks like depression, anxiety, and addictions, and allow yourself to be expressive and present. You cannot be whole without the experience of your full Emotional Self.

The Gate of Dialogue: learn the principals of successful, 

constructive dialogue. You might engage in critical inner dialogue. This Gate transforms your internal dialogue into a compassionate, constructive one. Healthy inner dialogue creates confidence whichallows you to communicate with others authentically. Effective communication leads to strong relationships for couples, friends, families and colleagues. 

Gate Of CE Open4.jpg

The Gate of Creative Expression: This Gate uncovers life's creative force and develops your creative abilities, one that you already possess. This Gate supports your simple, daily creative outlets as well as playfulness, silliness, and a sense of adventure. Artists have heightened creativity, but all of us can be more creative. Creative expression strengthens your sense of self and frees you to share your experiences with others. 


The Gate of Life Path: Each of us has a unique purpose & set of life lessons. This Gate helps you discover your unique contribution & supports your true life passions & goals. Create a clear vision for your life, take necessary steps, & make actions that lead to success. The Gate of Life Path assists you in achieving the clarity and commitment needed to leverage your potential, gain focus, & fulfillment. 


The Gate of Silence: This Gate trains your mind to release anxiety and control. Like many people, you might worry about the past and future. It is rare to just be present. Within silence, you can experience profound clarity and peace while important insights about yourself are revealed.

Used Books

The Gate of Knowledge: This Gate holds a space to ask life's big questions and encourages you to expand your mind and your active learning. You explore scientific, spiritual, and psychological theories aimed to stir the mind and bring forth new insights. 

In the program you learn to energize and balance these seven areas to find fulfillment.

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