• Nomi Bachar

The Man on the 23rd Street

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Man struggling to carry luggage on the road

My office is located on the 24th Street and 9th Avenue. Most people who walk on the 23rd Street between 7th Avenue and 9th Avenue have noticed an older, homeless man with kind features and long white hair. This homeless man has all his possessions piled into six or seven shopping carts. The carts are little mountains of all kinds of objects: Pillows, blankets, parts of furniture, newsletters, clothing, etc. Everywhere he goes, he needs to move his little train of carts with him.

At times, I see him having to move all the carts through a green light. Quite a difficult task indeed. At other times, he has to spread all of the carts along the Avenue so he can manage to get to where he's going. Looking at him, I wondered about the inner baggage that we all carry. Unresolved past experiences, unreleased resentments, judgments, collected concepts, beliefs, ideas that we embrace and internalize without discerning whether they truly belong to us or not. All of that weighs us down and renders us unavailable to truly be where we see things with fresh and unburdened heart and eyes.

Let's clear our inner house on a daily basis and allow our emotions to move through and release themselves. Letting go again and again of whatever constricts, burdens, and limits us. Let's remove objects that we don't need, people and relationships that are not nurturing to us any longer, and concepts that are blocking of us from living with an open heart.

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