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  • Are you struggling with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, fears, anxiety, sadness, or anger?

  • Are these affecting your relationships, your work, and your well-being?

  • You don’t have to live a life of struggle.

  • I give you all the tools that you need to heal old wounds, repair your self-esteem, create confidence, conquer fear and maximize the well-being and expression in all seven areas of your life. 

  • With our holistic therapy and counselling, you will get all the tools.

Individual Sessions

Group Workshops

  • In addition to individual sessions, the Gates of Power® program offers a series of weekend group therapy and workshops that build on each other.

  • These allow you to work with others, learning and sharing in a very intimate and safe environment.

  • The workshops are expressive and experiential.

  • Meditations, the creative arts, emotional and energetic processes, as well as practical, actionable plans, are used to open up your expressive and creative abilities.

  • Your inner freedom and ability to communicate with others are enhanced, restoring your self-esteem and confidence.

meditation session in new york by nomi bachar
couples therapy

Couples Therapy & Counselling

  • Are you struggling with or in your communication with your partner?

  • Do you feel you are not getting your basic needs met in the relationship?

  • Have you lost a sense of trust in your partner?

  • Is intimacy and vulnerability gone from your relationship?

  • There is no need to maintain an unfilling relationship.

  • You can create miracles by learning some basic and very important tools to establish trust, intimacy, and communication.

  • By working with your partner, guided by my years of experience, you can rekindle the love and the trust that brought you together in the first place.    

Corporate Trainings

Nomi Bachar trains teams and leaders of organizations and corporations in these topics: 

  • The Leadership Mindset

  • You - The Ultimate Upgrade

  • How to Have It All - Your Work and Life in Balance

  •  Connect and Create - Communicating Successfully

  • Stressless Success


True leaders must lead themselves and their life with the same excellence they lead their teams.

NomiSpeaking at awaken


Gates of Power® Self-Aligning mediation is a powerful tool that takes you beyond relaxation and into healing and transformation.


Click HERE to register for this unique mediation experience.

The meditation takes place on Zoom and include live interactive sharing.


For as long as I could remember, I've been unable to be proud of myself and what I've accomplished. There's been something in me that's blocked me from happiness, from enjoying life. Then I met Nomi. Through her I found that happiness is within myself, and that it was my own thinking that was blocking it. Together we worked out the cobwebs and found my true potential. My favourite part of the process was that it was experiential. We spent just as much time moving and meditating as we did speaking. A far cry from most therapists who mostly talk at you. If you've ever doubted yourself from achieving your goals, please give her a call. You will not be disappointed.



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Affordable, private online counseling and workshops. Anytime, anywhere. Better than traditional therapy Gates of Power give You the tools to Release the negativity we hold on to, which holds us back from reaching our true potential. Learn how to Build positive habits which allow you to Balance Your life and Your Work. This creates a fulfilled, more productive way of life. Transform Your life. Now.


How much clearer will you be after 30 minutes with Nomi?

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