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Nomi Bachar,
Creator of Gates of Power®

Hello, I am Nomi Bachar.


I am a holistic counsellor, coach, self-healing self-actualization expert and bestselling author. I am also the founder/director of White Cedar Institute, and the creator of the Gates of Power® Method. 

I am deeply dedicated to the art and craft of self-healing and self-actualization. I am an artist, so to me, the journey of self-transformation is an act of great creativity.

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We are creating ourselves and thus the world around us. I believe that we are here to manifest the best within us and be a contribution to ourselves and others. This is our sacred gift, right, and responsibility. In my personal journey, I had to confront deep inner pain, grief, and hopelessness. Through the many ups and downs, I held tight to my commitment to finding inner freedom and inner strength, and I did. My passion is to guide others to find the same. I am the eternal adventurer, forever exploring and evolving. Discovery and the exchange of love, art, and expression fill me with joy. I invite you to take on the amazing journey to the "possible you".

I trained in psychodrama, gestalt, bioenergetics, and primal therapy – all psychotherapeutic modalities that utilize expression, creativity, imagination, and intuition.

I have been counselling and coaching individuals for over 30 years leading workshops, courses and corporate training as well as public speaking.

I have an extensive background as a multi-disciplinary performing artist. My artistic background includes acting, dancing, directing, producing, writing, and choreographing. I was the founding member of "Inner-Landscapes Dance Theater", a dance collective in New York City. I have integrated my counselling experience, artistic abilities, and spiritual awareness to create the Gates of Power® Method. All my training and my method form an excellent comprehensive and holistic psychotherapy.

I am excited to help you achieve all that is possible for you." 


Nomi Bachar

About White Cedar Institute, home of Gates of Power®

Nomi Bachar is the Founder of White Cedar Institute for Expanded Living and the creator of Gates of Power® Method.

White Cedar Institute is the home of the transformational program, Gates of Power®. The Program is an effective, spiritual, and practical training based on expressive and experiential modalities of psychotherapy, meditative practice and practical achievement coaching.


We serve most of the globe in person and online. We are based out of New York City.



How much clearer will you be after 30 minutes with Nomi?

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