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My name is Nomi Bachar, I am human potential expert, keynote speaker, author and mentor. I am a trained psychotherapist and has been guiding individuals and organizations for 29 years.

I am a master at assisting people in releasing limitations and constricting habits while empowering them to draw on their inner power using my Gates of Power® Program.

What is Gates of Power®? 

Gates of Power Method and Program is a comprehensive and holistic self training system. It helps YOUR transformation and self development.


It helps you to both: Release and Build Qualities within.

RELEASE: Insecurities, Fears, Emotional Pain, and Limiting Beliefs
                   and Behaviors


BUILD: True Confidence, Focus True Confidence, Authentic Expression,
              Vibrant Well Being in all seven areas of life


These areas of life are called: Gates. Thus the name, Gates of Power®.

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"In life, there are those who walk the walk and others who talk to the talk. Nomi Bachar not only does both with exquisite grace, her method, Gates of Power® changes the way you feel about yourself and how you look at the world. Give her one hour and your life would be changed for good."

—  Lawrence Zarian, TV Personality & Celebrated Author

For more information go to: www.GatesofPower.com