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Love And Destruction

Sometimes, I wake up saddened by the situation of the world. Different places come to my mind- Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Lebanon to name a few. We have forgotten that despite our many differences, we are one people. I feel that the cause of this estrangement is our tendency to stray from each other, as we drift away from the Love Source within ourselves.

Many of us live without a real intimate relationship with the Universal Love within us. Our violent and destructive history as a race has been a painful learning process of growing and evolving. One of the most important lessons, maybe the most important one, is to realize our union with the Infinite Consciousness that lives within our hearts. It has many names – the I Am, the Eternal Self, the Divine Soul, the One Mind, God, the Creator, etc. When we don’t take the time to cultivate an intimate relationship with that Source of Love within our being, life becomes confusing and frustrating.

Before we reach a place of emotional maturity, we tend to seek gratification from external sources in an effort to gain a sense of strength and connection. However, true inner strength cannot be found depending on external means. When we have such dependencies, we are operating from our defensive tendencies rather than from our Expanded Self. All the unnecessary strife and destruction originate from fear and defensiveness. On one hand, we want others to validate us, and on the other hand, we project our fears onto others and see them as the enemy, being dependent on others for our sense of self. We are, then, driven to be defensive. We get attached to “being right,” having power over others, controlling life, people, and situations. We can drown in the hunger to keep that power going, keep feeding our defensiveness and justifying it. In this way, we create a cycle of destruction that will eventually take us down with it.

We are designed to be sustained by our wholeness; a natural element of wholeness is the desire and the ability to connect. We thrive when we truly connect to ourselves and others. We yearn to share and know one another. Nothing makes us more joyful than giving and receiving love. The desire to connect is a powerful force. It can move us beyond our tendency to separate. We need to commit to loving connections on a daily basis, practicing this as a way of being. It is not an easy task, but what is more important than a loving, open heart, guided by wisdom?

Truly connecting with ourselves and others can be difficult. Fears, Low self-esteem, and defensiveness are in the way of us living with an open heart. I invite you to take on the work of claiming your inner freedom, openness, and fulfillment. If you are ready to over these inner limitations schedule a 30 minutes FREE consultation with me.


I invite you to treat yourself to 30-minute FREE consultation. A consultation that would put you on the path to claiming your true self.


You can reach Nomi Bachar at, 212-877-0346, Schedule a Free 30-minute call here.


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