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A Violin Out Of The Trash

As I was sitting at my desk, I came across an email that a friend sent me about a documentary on a group of musicians in Paraguay. I learned that these musicians create their musical instruments out of pieces of trash. The symbolic meaning of this hit me. I thought about my last section that touched on the question: how much of our regular daily life are we building or destroying? Whether it is our small or big choices, our simple or grand actions, or our thoughts and feelings, these can either enhance this life, this world or delete it. Are we conscious of our impact?

Some of us enjoy resources, riches, and available material, and what we do is take them and create destruction. For example, the accumulation of wealth can be demonstrated by the purchase of expensive jewelry and diamonds, yet digging for diamonds often leaves natural resources and landscapes in shambles and devastation.

Others have minimal resources but are creating art, crafts, or adding in some practical way to the fabric of life like the musicians in the documentary Landfill Harmonic. The choices we make and how often we are conscious of them can have a far-reaching impact on the world and others. Are you aware of the impact that you create in your life on yourself? Your loved ones? And your community? We all have some destructive habits that we need to let go of, Are you aware of yours? Are you ready and willing to do the work to create yourself into a life-giving positive force?


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