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What Acupuncture Taught Me About Love

After my accident, I needed to actually learn how to walk all over again. I had to keep up my gentle daily exercise routine and most importantly acupuncture visits. What I feel heals me most is the love of my family, friends, and clients. What would happen if all of us, each one separately and all together, could beam love? Powerful, warm, compassionate, accepting beams of love that would radiate from within ourselves surround us and travel beyond. Beams of love would melt and release our hostility and our sense of separation, fears, and anger. It will heal our bodies, minds, and souls. Does it sound like a children's story or a corny fantasy? I say it is worth trying.

My acupuncturist is a small, thin man who has been clearing the energy pathways of his clients for close to 30 years. When he works on you, he becomes a passionate channel of the universal intent to flow and expand. While sticking the needles everywhere in his patient’s body, he mumbles lovingly: “Relax, release, let go, let it be, you are the flow.”...

I don't necessarily enjoy the needles, but my heart bathes in a warm smile listening to his loving mumbles. The hardened places within us, born of fear and pain, need to dissolve, and love is the greatest dissolver of all that is not life-affirming. On my acupuncturist table, I am reminded of the healing power of love. He loves his clients, and that love is expressed in his commitment to clearing their chi, their life force.

He makes me think of all the love that surrounds me. Do you stop for a minute to acknowledge the love that surrounds you in your life? The honest concern of friends, the kindness of neighbors, the casual help of strangers, the warmth of loved ones, and so on.

Acknowledging and enjoying the love around me has become a very important practice. Since I counsel people, I naturally feel the love and affection in me toward my clients on a daily basis, but noticing and accepting the loving energy I receive from others is just as important as well. The exchange of love- giving and receiving is the most nurturing and fulfilling element of life. It gets lost in the endless torrents of to-do lists, survival chores, and social and economic obligations. I have made it a priority in my life to notice this exchange. I refuse to let it drop to the bottom of the list. What about you?

An excerpt from the book Available on Amazon by Nomi Bachar “Let the Heart Speak” Nomi Bachar is a holistic counselor, coach, self-healing self-actualization expert, and bestselling author. She is also the founder/director of White Cedar Institute, and the creator of the Gates of Power® Method. Gates of Power® is a method and a program to self-heal transform, reach your highest potential, and fulfill your purpose and goals. If you feel you are not fulfilled, know there is a way. Living is experiencing life with your whole self and being present. You Can Achieve that by taking a step to help yourself TODAY. Book yourself a 30-minutes free session with me.


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