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Use Your Body To Tap Into Emotions In  Your Daily Life.

Your body stores within its cell's DNA your experiences, beliefs, desires, and needs. If you are passionate about growth, personal power, and transformation, you must learn to listen to your body and work with it.

One of my clients noticed that whenever she was angry, she literally felt the anger in her upper arms—an uncomfortable pressure within them causing them to ache. To relieve this sensation, we experimented with movements and sounds using her arms—punching the air, and letting her body move authentically in a way that felt natural to her, channeling this expression of the anger through physical movement so we could release it. It might have looked strange to an observer, but the results were tangible. Once she had released some of the anger through this exercise, she was able to contact the deeper layers of need and pain that were hiding behind the anger. With these emotions uncovered, she and I could find creative, productive ways for her to fulfill her needs and ease her pain.

One of the ways she was able to move forward after these sessions was by opening a path of communication and asserting herself.

This client was struggling in a business relationship with a partner who was negative and doubting, and the client needed a healthier, more positive atmosphere to make the business and the partnership work. Tapping into this need, she was able to assert herself with her business partner, established better work dynamics, and overcome a source of stress in her daily life.

Now, please take a minute to reflect and go through the following exercise.


1.Take a moment to listen to your body and feel: Where are you storing tension at this moment? The tension may be in your jaw, your shoulders, your lower back, your stomach, etc. Feel it out and pinpoint it.

2.Sitting silently, touch the area on your body that is the location of this tension.

3.Take a few deep breaths imagining the air moving through that part of your body, in and out.

4.Ask yourself: What are the feelings that I am storing in this part of my body at this moment? Allow yourself intuitively to guess these feelings. Maybe you have a knot in your stomach because you are upset about a conversation with your friend, or your boss. Maybe you have tension in your back and shoulders from stressing over your finances.

5. Acknowledge the feeling. Accept it. Meditate on ways to relieve or attend to these feelings.

6. Take action. If you are worried about your finances, ask yourself what you can do to address the issue. Do something for yourself that is productive and nurturing to help you with that feeling. Don’t avoid it or try to run away from it.

This is an excerpt from Nomi Bachar's book "Let The Heart Speak" available on Amazon. Use Your Body To Tap Into Emotions In Your Daily Life.

Discover, Release the ones that are harming you, and learn to express your emotions in a healthy way.

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