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Thinking Is Not Living

This morning in my Yoga class, I found myself drifting away from the world of my sensations, to the world of my thoughts. The world of sensations and emotions is rich, vibrant, and colorful, while the world of thoughts can be flat and two-dimensional. "Why am I here?" I asked myself every time I caught myself in the world of thoughts. Then I would tap myself on the shoulder, so to speak, like my old Zen master used to do to us, and say "Back to the moment you go." In this morning's yoga class, I had to guide myself back to the experience of being, over and over and over again. The habit of hiding away from life, in the cocoon of our thoughts is strong. Somewhere in the past, a threat, a painful or scary experience, had caused us to contract. We shrunk away from our life force, and from our moment-to-moment expansion. Then we became trapped in our safe smallness and allowed our minds to entertain thoughts about life, instead of living it. In the thinking world, our breath is shallow, our energy moves slowly and sluggishly, our emotions are not fully experienced or expressed, and our thinking mind gets fatter and fatter. So now what? First, one must ask oneself, "Do I want to live here, in this thinking world, or do I want to return to the living world?" Many choose to stay; some choose to return. If you choose to come back to living, get ready to muster a fierce commitment to regain your aliveness. It is a moment-to-moment choice to feel, to allow the energy to move, to accept what is there, to surrender, and let yourself slowly expand through the ups and downs of emotions, energy, and sensations. Slowly and surely, you become comfortable with living, and the river that is your being begins to merge into the universal grand flow.

This is an excerpt from Nomi Bachar's book "Let The Heart Speak" available on Amazon. If you feel that you are stuck in your mind over analyzing and obsessing about things. You are not really living. Living is experiencing life with your whole self and being present.

Are you ready to fully experience and enjoy life?

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