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Take a Vacation

Like many of us, I look forward to a vacation, a moment to pause, rest, empty the mind, and open the heart to life's simple delights. No matter how hard we try to balance our lives, most of us constantly rush to meet deadlines and complete projects. Gates of Power® Method emphasizes the importance of balancing quiet, internal, “me time,” rest, play, and emotional and physical care with life path, projects, and goals. I am deeply committed to this balance in my life. Despite my daily balancing act, I know when I need just to do nothing; to feel like a four-year-old with no to-do lists, no responsibilities, nowhere to go, and nothing to do that is required. That letting go leads me naturally to a sense of joy and an appreciation for each moment.

When we stop, breathe, and open up, we make new friends. We see things we didn’t notice before, and we realize our love for people and the world all over again. We feel at one with life. Somehow, our simple sense of safety has been robbed in this very troubled and divided world. A vacation can end tragically. Despite such a possibility, we must not allow fears of the unknown to dissuade us from exploring. Instead, let’s learn to revisit that relaxed innocent space of a vacation, the adventure zone. Take yourself there. Give yourself that gift. If you feel that your life is out of balance and you are not getting enough rest, fun, and quality time with your loved ones, let's talk about it. I can help you create more peace, harmony, and balance in your life. Click the link below for the 30-minutes free consultation.


I invite you to treat yourself to 30-minute FREE consultation. A consultation that would put you on the path to claiming your true self.


You can reach Nomi Bachar at, 212-877-0346, Schedule a Free 30-minute call here.


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