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Moving From Victim To a Leader

We each want to be the leader of our lives. Many times we don’t feel that we are, other times we feel that we are the victims of our lives. What is the secret of becoming the leader of your life? More and more people are training themselves to do just that. They want to be coached and mentored, they want the tools to grow. The movement to become self-reliant, self-motivated, self-educated and self-empowered is a dominant colour in our modern culture, and that’s great. Yet, we still have a lot of difficulties doing this, and we want to know… why? We want to understand what is the direct road to get there. We don’t want to waste a lot of time. We want to get there as fast as we can since life is ticking. The question that I want to ask is, do you recognize the Inner Leader inside of yourself? If you do, do you know how to step into those shoes? Do you know how to walk in those shoes? Sometimes we know about it, kind of, theoretically. We feel that there is a certain power within us or some spiritual understanding. We have a sense of it. But, between having a sense of it, and actually living it… living within IT, acting from there, feeling from there, thinking from there… there is a BIG difference. This part of you, that I am calling your inner leader… the Expanded Self, is your guide. It is your healer, your inner parent, the one that holds in its consciousness your optimal life, the vision of your optimal life and the path of fulfilling your purpose and your destination. This is the part of you that can take you where your spirit /soul wants to go. A lot of us have a sense of our personal power, and our wisdom, but many times we aren’t living from there. We need to know how to tap into this part of us. How to strengthen it. We also need to know what are the other parts of us, our Defensive Self and our Emotional Self. We love these parts, we need them and we want to nurture and support them. It is just that these are not meant to be your leader. Gates of Power® offers exercises, actions, meditations and insights that you can experience, to ground you in your inner leader. Get the tools you need to create your inner leader strong, powerful and forward-moving. Stay open to the possibilities that live within you, all that you can be is right there. Wishing you a very Happy New Year. 2023 is your Year!! Help yourself TODAY. This New Year treats yourself to a 30-minute free session with me.


I invite you to treat yourself to a 30-minute FREE consultation. A consultation that would put you on the path to claiming your true self.


You can reach Nomi Bachar at, 212-877-0346, Schedule a Free 30-minute call here.


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