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Joy In The Journey

Adventures keep us young in spirit. They water the soil of the soul and fuel our aliveness. They keep our brain functioning better and our hearts excited. What constitutes adventure is unique for each person. Some of us might want to climb the Himalayas, skydive, or take a long sailboat journey. For others, it can be new museums, a night at the opera, a different jazz class, a new course, or the zoo, if we have not been there for a while. An adventure is anything new—or old—that feels new and exciting. Every day should have a little adventure in it. A new dish for dinner, a possible new friend, a new or different route to get home, a new book, a new idea, a new plan. Keep generating adventures for yourself. I recommend keeping a running list of adventures experienced and desired. Remember, adventures don’t have to consist of a trip to China; they could be as simple as a new song on your playlist.

This is an excerpt from Nomi Bachar's book "Let The Heart Speak"

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