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Is Emotional Dysfunction Affecting your Life?

Like many of us, I am concerned and saddened by the tremendous volume of human dysfunction and suffering we are witnessing these days. The common tendency is to use quick fixes to deal with emotional

distress. "We need to accept all of our feelings, including the ones that are difficult and painful."

Accepting and understanding our feelings helps us release or restructure them. Emotions help us survive, express, and transform.

Each feeling contributes to our understanding of ourselves, others, and life. For example, sadness can inform us of unfulfilled needs and longings, and it can move us to find fulfilment for them. Anger might tell us about our boundaries and a possible violation of them.

Fear can alarm us or teach us to find courage. The poetic, ecstatic, and inspiring moments of our lives are born from our ability to feel. Since all feelings and emotions spring from the same source, our emotional centre, the fact is that when you shut down the difficult ones like pain, fear or anger, you will shut down the blissful ones as well.

There is no way around this fact; no cheating will help. Each of us needs to choose which we commit to—an open or closed heart. By committing to the process of opening the heart, we begin to step slowly into a greater state of openness and vulnerability. Feelings and emotions are energies. Energy is indestructible; it does not die; it only changes form. We can bury our feelings, repress or deny them, but we can never kill them.

They will keep haunting us and manifest themselves in our bodies, behaviour, and everyday life. The good news is that since energy transforms, we can shift the energy of feelings from negative to positive."

– Excerpt from the International Best Seller" GATES OF POWER®: Actualize Your True Self".

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