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Beginners Guide to an Ease of Being

I was watching my breath in one of my meditations, enjoying the soothing rhythm of taking in, holding, and letting go. When I don’t get tight, by passing thoughts that interfere, if I stay present and surrender to the flow, I ride the wave. A feeling of ease and freedom washes over me. So much of our life is wasted on resisting the natural flow. We live in “trying” to be this or that, “trying” to be good, perfect, beautiful, loved, clever, better, best… “trying” to control our feelings, our reactions our expressions, other people, other things, endless efforts of “trying”. All of the “trying” is a major interference with the flow. What flow? The flow of our breath, our energy, our feelings, our life force. Not a very smart thing to do, but being anxious and insecure, we are “trying” to make ourselves safe in this very unsafe, unhappy way. It took me years to convince myself to give up the effort and enjoy the rhythm of life. The grand rhythm we see, feel, and actually live when we let ourselves, move through three phases. Creating, maintaining, and dissolving just like our breath does. Taking in, which is filling up with new breath, pausing to enjoy it and letting it go. Nature in its wisdom, creates anew, maintains, and then dissolves to create again and so on. Autumn is the letting go part of the cycle. All the leaves are dying, nature is letting go, to clear the plate for creating anew. I remind myself daily to live in a state of constant allowing. Allowing things and people to be what they are. Allowing myself to be. Allowing life to be. This does not mean, not influencing transformation or creating beauty and goodness. It just means doing it from a place of ease of being. A much more effective, organic, and authentic inner source. Find out what helps you to let go of the anxious and insecure effort so you can find your ease of being.

Give yourself the right inner support and care to establish inner health.

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