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A Hopeful Journey

When I first met Nomi, over 20 years ago, I was lost, broken, empty, and scared. My life had come to a point where I was a mere shell of a person. I had a job that was destroying my very soul. I was lost. I was afraid. I was alone. When I met Nomi, she reminded me that in life we have a journey and a purpose. Nomi helped me see myself better than I ever could, to see the inner beauty that lies within. She has enhanced my life and has helped me love the man I have become. One of my favorite sayings is, “When the student is ready the teacher appears.” For me, my spirit was ready, and my angel appeared, and that angel was Nomi. I was introduced to her through a friend, and from that moment, my life has never been the same. After my first session, I felt that there was finally someone that was there for me, someone to help me to tackle my most painful memories and help me see a light, a light that was dimmed by the rest of the world. For the past several years Nomi and I looked at it all: my childhood, my re-relationship with my parents, my siblings, and my friendships. She guided me so that there was no stone left unturned. Nomi would challenge me to stay in the moment and allow my feelings to reveal themselves. She taught me not just to feel, but to feel it all. She introduced me to my little boy, the little boy inside that was hidden and scared. She had me challenge my Defensive Self—the part of me that was pinning me and keeping me down. We would often celebrate my Expanded Self, all the while nurturing and loving my Emotional Self, the part of me that’s pure, sweet, and authentic. Finally, after all these years, I can look in the mirror and like what I see. I have learned how to make healthy promises to myself and be loyal to all of my Gates, the Gates that create me: a loving, kind, authentic man.

- Laurence

A client story from the book Available on Amazon by Nomi Bachar “Gates Of Power® Actualize her true Self.” Nomi Bachar is a holistic counsellor, coach, self-healing self-actualization expert, and bestselling author. She is also the founder/director of White Cedar Institute, and the creator of the Gates of Power® Method. Gates of Power® is a method and a program to self-heal, transform, reach your highest potential, and fulfil your purpose and goals. Living is experiencing life fully and Joyfully. You are here to reach your potential, clear any inner limitations and live a life of creative contribution. You can achieve all that by taking a step to help yourself TODAY. Book yourself a 30-minutes free session with me.


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