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7 Gifts You Can Give To The World

There are seven gifts that we have been given. Without these gifts, we would not have the abundant potential to give to others. These same seven gifts are the gifts you can give to others and the world. The holiday season offers us the opportunity to pause and meditate on the importance of love, joy, and the exchange of gifts. By doing so, we find a deeper meaning in these most joyful and important elements of life.

It is a joy to know we can pass on to others the gifts we are given.

Here are seven gifts that you can give:

1) Talents, Abilities, and Passions

When we express talents, abilities, and the passions we were given, we enrich the lives of those that receive them. 2) Guidance, Intuition, and Spiritual Sense

If you allow yourself to be an open channel of intuition and guidance, you can give this gift to others in many different ways. We all need feedback, counselling, spiritual support, etc. As we open up to our intuition, we can also encourage others to be open to theirs. 3) Physical Comfort

We all take physical comfort for granted, but we get many gifts from the natural and physical world. Think of the many ways you give the gift of physical comfort to yourself, loved ones, and others. Here are some examples: creating a garden in your backyard, helping a friend de-clutter, building a shed together, cooking a meal, letting go of things you don't need and offering them to others, or donating money to charity. 4) Emotional Support and Confidence

If we let ourselves, we can be loved and supported daily by the people in our lives, the kindness of strangers, the support of our peers and friends, and the inspiring, and moving acts of great people all around the world. All you need to do is take all this love and support you receive and pass it on to others. 5) Knowledge

The gift of knowledge is available to us 24 hours a day. We can learn about the world around us, not only in class, but also from being present in our lives and open to the wisdom of our elders, peers, and strangers. The gift of knowledge is not complete unless we're willing to share it with others. It gives us great joy to impart knowledge that we have acquired to others, thus, encouraging more learning and more knowledge. 6) Creativity and Beauty

Each one of us is endowed with the gift of creativity, and the ability to appreciate the beauty and express it. Our uniqueness, originality, and creativity are the ways we move, inspire, and entertain others.

7) Community

Creating a community is a gift that we both receive and give at the same time. The community supports us physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Close-knit relationships empower and nurture us. Having a community helps us fight depression and illness, slows ageing, promotes mental health, and even leads to a longer life.

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