• Nomi Bachar

Transforming a Broken Heart

Gates of Power ® techniques have helped me on every level of my life. I came to work with Nomi and Gates of Power® after being beaten down emotionally and dumped. I was in a long-term relationship that I thought was solid and committed. I felt we were better together than apart, so when my partner announced to me out of the blue that he was leaving, I was stunned. It was a devastating shock. I was shattered, and my sense of self-esteem crumbled. I felt emotionally bruised beyond repair. I felt that I had been betrayed. I felt that I had done something wrong… The feeling of loneliness was unbearable. I experienced an extreme amount of grief, without an actual death. I needed help to start my single life over again and to find a way to feel okay being with me. I needed help in rebuilding my confidence. With Nomi, I learned to affirm that I am better than “okay.” I learned to release and allow my emotions of grief, disappointment, and anger to dissolve. I learned to be there for myself in my dark moments. Today, I am back to my amazing self, thanks to Nomi and the Gates of Power ®. As I was introduced to the different Gates I learned to take care of myself physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and creatively. I learned better ways to set up 38 important commitments, and also to say no. I learned to express my emotions and deal with my defenses in a more expanded way. This was so great because I finally felt heard. The healing came with the work. I now see the gift that it has been for me to no longer be in that long-term relationship. I have grown stronger and more in touch with my needs and feelings. I know now what is good for me. I reconnected with my spiritual practice. I have been able to focus again on my business and steer it toward more success. I am looking forward to meeting a man that appreciates and respects all that I have to give. A man that is not afraid of all that life has to offer. I have learned through the techniques of Gates of Power ® that I matter. Nomi, thank you.

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An excerpt from the book by Nomi Bachar “Let the Heart Speak”

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You can also check out her other book "Gates of Power: Actualize Your True Self"


Actualize Your True Self BY NOMI BACHAR


Gates of Power® eliminates inner challenges, doubts, and insecurities. It empowers you to have confidence, inner power, and the ability to reach your true potential.

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