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Tips On Growing Your Blissipline

Blissipline is a spiritual practice. It’s the path to creating, maintaining,

discovering, and living in the inner place of bliss that resides within

your Expanded Self. We all yearn to tap into the flow of natural joy, love,

and playfulness and learn to express it. If you can think of moments in

your childhood when you were a little bliss bubble, walking around,

giggling, crying, laughing, and playing - full of curiosity and awe - you

are clearly remembering the YOU that is still there.

Our life experiences often go partially unexamined, unresolved, and

unreleased. The easiest and most common way is to create a negative

assumption about our difficult experiences instead of acknowledging,

releasing, and integrating them to create a sense of strength. Imagine

your joy bubble, that true child-like self of yours, encrusted in layers

of self-made mud.

There’s no need to blame ourselves for our mud creation. There is

a need to realize that it is only mud and that we can begin to take

some of it off to spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically shower

ourselves. It helps to let go slowly and continuously of what we are

not (constricting thoughts, feelings, limiting beliefs, and stories) and

connect to our blissful self - the unconditional loving joy of the universe

residing within our hearts. Blissipline is unveiling more of who we truly

are, and inevitably it involves a level of love, acceptance, and intimacy

with ourselves.

Our Defensive Self resists this process and is threatened by it. It pulls

us away from our joy with busyness, drama, distractions, addictions,

and projections. This is understandable. Furthermore, we may not be

conscious that we’re acting out of our Defensive Self. The first step is

realizing our avoidance of ourselves, of our deeper feelings, and thus

our avoidance of experiencing the moment and life around us.

This is the first and the most continuous step since this avoidance of

truth and the moment can be very insidious, subtle, and deceptive.

One can master the spiritual intelligence to identify it and let it go,

moment-to-moment, allowing the truth to blossom.

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