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The Manifestation Highway

Updated: Jan 23

January marks the beginning of a new cycle. Most of us create some vision that includes new goals for this cycle. Unfortunately, most of us end up not achieving what we have promised ourselves in the New Year. Manifestation is an art, and it takes very specific steps and a very strong commitment. 

I will share with you a practical and inspiring process to ensure that you manifest your goals and your dreams. You will have to do the work that each step presents but if you do you will move forward without a doubt. I have defined a seven-step process that I call “The Manifestation Highway.”

Remember each step builds off the last. No shortcuts on this highway!

Here are the 7 steps:

Positive Inner Paradigm


Road Map


Committed Positions

Forward Motion

Celebration of Victories

👉 Positive Inner Paradigm

This step is the most important one; if we do not create a positive view

of ourselves, others and life in general, we will not manifest success.

Most of us get stuck in this step. In the Gates of Power Method®, we

work towards a deep appreciation of self, others, and life. Out of that

positive soil, healthy desires and dreams grow.


In this step, we cultivate a clear vision that springs out of our deepest

passions, needs, and desires. The vision needs to be detailed and

specific. We need to be able to imagine ourselves living, doing, and

feeling whatever we see in our vision.

👉 Roadmap/Plan

This step is about making a plan of action. The plan should be well

thought out, practical, and specific. We need to chart our steps and

include deadlines and desired results.

👉 Choices

We have our vision. We have our roadmap. Now it’s time to prioritize

and make clear choices. Each step on the plan requires us to make

specific choices that will translate into actions.

👉 Commitments

Once we have defined our choices we need to make a list of

commitments that will serve our choices. Our commitments need to

also be specific. “How many by when!” which means how many are

we going to do, and by what time and date?

👉 Actions/Forward Motion

Now it’s time to take action. We have the list of our commitments

and we have to act upon them consistently with focus and discipline.

If we find that certain actions don’t bring us the results that we

desire, we need to shift and possibly make new choices preceded

by commitments and actions. We keep our eye on the vision, and no

matter how many times we fall, we get up wipe the dust off our pants

and keep walking.

👉 Celebration of Victories

We acknowledge even the smallest of victories, and we allow our-

selves to feel a sense of gratitude and joy about achieving them. We

also acknowledge our team and anyone who has supported us in

getting there.

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