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The Emotional Vibrations

Updated: Jan 23

The whole universe is a field of vibrations moving, shaping and reshaping directed by consciousness. We human beings are one with and part of this vibrational field. Every one of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs has a vibrational signature meaning, a specific music so to speak. We can rank the vibrational frequencies of our states of being. One tool that has gained popularity in recent years is the emotional vibration chart.

This chart depicts the spectrum of our emotions and ranks them by their vibrational frequencies. For example, emotions, fear, grief or shame move slowly and have low vibrational frequency. On the other hand, the feelings of willingness, acceptance and contentment move faster and are called middle-vibration emotions. The emotions of love joy, peace and gratitude are high vibrations emotions. 

Low frequencies vibrations are heavy, challenging and draining. Mid-scale vibrations feel better. High vibrational frequencies are healing, inspiring and uplifting. 

In the program of Gates of Power, we distinguish 3 different aspects of the soul. One is our Emotional Self, the second one is our Defensive Self and the third one is our Expanded Self (If you want to know more about the 3 aspects of the self download the pdf below). When our Emotional Self is steeped in trauma, fear, grief, guilt or shame, It vibrates at a low and sluggish pace. Our Defensive Self tries to cop with these feelings in a very urgent and fearful way, which creates even more contracted and slow energy. 

In the program, I help people tap into their Expanded Self, that part of the self that lives in the realm of high vibrational frequencies. This part is in touch with the feelings of love, peace, gratitude and empathy. The counselling and training of the Gates Of Power method helps clients learn to use their Expanded Self to heal, support, embrace and strengthen the Emotional Self as well as the Defensive Self. So that they can move up to higher vibrational frequency and learn expectance, courage and contentment. 


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