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                        Peace And War

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

I was born and raised in Israel and like most women and men there I served in the army and fought in one of the many wars. I have lived with the constant tension and strife that plague Israel. Even though I have been living in New York City for many years the connection to Israel and all that happens there is rooted deep in my heart. The last few days have been shocking and horrifying. I can not truly find the words to describe what it is that I feel.

So many other places in the world are affected right now by the tragic impact of war. It feels like a wave of hatred is enveloping the planet. Each one of us can contribute to the healing of this wound by committing to peace. Peace in the simplest, most trivial moments of life and peace as a way of living; a daily practice, a meditation.

It is not an easy path because tensions, deadlines and life’s trials challenge our inner peace. Just as it is true with any deed we undertake, peace needs to be committed to as a daily practice of thought, feeling, and


I would like to suggest that you look within and ask these questions.

What is in our hearts that fuels hatred and revenge?

What is in our hearts that keeps us from forgiving, letting go and allowing peace to reign?

What is it that keeps us defensive, distrusting, destructive and angry?

What keeps us feeling victimized and in need of victimizing?

What is the internal shift that needs to happen within us to allow us to feel peace?

Asking questions is the 1st step towards the answer!

Take the first step towards the answers and your potential life.


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