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A Note on Sex

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Somewhere along the way, we lose the ability to just be alive and enjoy our moments and the experience and adventure they provide. Sex is one of these wonderful experiences we receive when we are open to life and willing to be fully alive. Instead, we use sex to “get” love and collect admiration and attention. We use it as a relaxation pill, a sleeping aid, a punishing or manipulating strategy, a way of controlling another, etc. The pure pleasure of giving and receiving enjoyment and affection is lost all because we don’t truly and deeply accept and love ourselves. I remember myself as a young, insecure woman collecting admirers and using my sex appeal to get a sense of value. My true appreciation of others and life came about as I was learning to accept and appreciate myself. Only then, did I discover sex and intimate exchange to be an adventure in openness, an experience of freedom and flow, a dialogue of pleasure, energy, and joy. Keep letting go (it happens in stages) of all that is binding your authentic expression and genuine appreciation of yourself.

If you are ready to embrace fulfilment in your relationships and become more aware of your internal and external life. Take the first step towards your potential life.


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