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Injury And Kindness

It was a sunny afternoon on a Tuesday, 3 weeks ago. I went down to get a couple of things from the store in between my sessions. I only took my keys and some cash, thinking that I will be out for a short moment. As I come out of the store, I feel a strong blow, I fly and I find myself slammed on the pavement, shocked and pained I scream. A young guy on an electric skateboard ran me over muttering “sorry sorry” as he kept riding on. I can not get up, the manager of the store comes out and tries to help but I can not stand up. My left side ribs and pelvis are screaming with pain. He calls the ambulance. I am picked up like a child by two strong arms and I find myself in the ER. After some long hours, I am told I have a rib fracture and a pelvic fracture. I can not move even coughing hurts. In the morning I am picked up again and strapped into an ambulance bed to get to the hospital. The kind and smiling face of the guy who sat next to me in the ambulance trying to keep me calm and comfortable is forever hatched in my memory. Never before was kindness so absolutely meaningful to me. The next three weeks in the hospital and then in rehab were all about kindness. The moment, kindness, real from the center of someone’s being, was there, my whole being was nurtured and soothed. Then there were many moments especially in the rehab, that there was none of it. The aides were harsh, shut down, and mechanical I am sure they were overworked and unappreciated but it still hurt. When you are in great pain helpless and dependent, kindness is everything. Slowly I start to walk with a walker and I began to send kindness to all I see around, aides and patients. I commit to smiling, complimenting, and creating relationships however small. That is when the magic begins. I start receiving a smile and even a drop of kindness from the aides. We began having little conversations about life and living. By the time I leave they all ask me to come back and visit. Yes, kindness is everything. We all need it, we all feel nourished when we generate it.

How are you doing with kindness in your life?

When were you touched by kindness?

When was the last time you were kind to someone?

Nomi Bachar is a holistic counselor, coach, self-healing self-actualization expert, and bestselling author. She is also the founder/director of White Cedar Institute, and the creator of the Gates of Power® Method. Gates of Power® is a method and a program to self-heal transform, reach your highest potential, and fulfill your purpose and goals. If you feel you are not fulfilled in your life know that there is a way. Living is experiencing life with your whole self and being present. You Can Achieve that by taking a step to help yourself TODAY. Book yourself a 30-minutes free session with me.


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