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I’m finally here

There is a time in life for each one of us when we realise how precise life is and how important it is to experience fully each moment. Most of us can get easily consumed by fear, worries, stress and tension, so much so that we are not able to experience our moments in a relaxed enjoyable way. I feel that the practice of shedding tension, fears and trauma is extremely important. If you are not doing that you are in a way, wasting your precious life. Here is a short poem I wrote some time ago, to express my own sense of freedom and presence in my life. I’m finally here Written by Nomi Bachar

I’m finally here Where the air is sweet and thin Breathing with free, wide-open lungs Tasting the air Smelling the colours I am finally here Soul naked, my legs rooted into the soil of life My spirit free, playing with the wind I’m finally here Different shades of me melted along the way Leaving behind the one that is a pure celebration I’m finally here The owner of my life, the keeper of my soul The river of all abundance I’m finally here Where peace sings a lullaby and the heart sighs a sigh of relief So sweet to be beyond the faces, the masks, and the efforts Being in the being is the gift of an honest search Thank you existence for holding my hand along the way

If you are ready to let go of fear, anxiety, tension and trauma! Take the first step towards your potential life.


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