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                         Cost Of War

War takes a devastating toll on humanity that extends far beyond the battlefield. While the human cost of war is immeasurable in terms of lives lost and families shattered, it also bears a heavy financial burden that often remains hidden beneath the rubble.

The most apparent financial strain comes from funding military operations, costing nations trillions of dollars. These funds, vital for healthcare, education, and infrastructure, are diverted to the machinery of war, leaving a societal void. However, the true cost is more profound.

It is about a child living with constant nightmares, who is scared for his life. It is about a mother who hears bombs dropping every minute and is praying for her family's lives. The 1000s of soldiers who have to live with the mental, physical and emotional wounds of the war.

The emotional cost is incalculable. Lives lost, families torn apart, and the deep scars of conflict haunt individuals for generations. The pain lingers, altering the course of countless lives.

The actual cost of war is the mental and emotional internal wounds, the dreams shattered, and the enduring impact on society. We must strive for a more peaceful world, where the cost of war is not a burden we pass on, but a lesson we heed.


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