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Being a Powerful Communicator

⭐️Traits of Good Communicators⭐️

To succeed in any area of life, to reach your potential and find fulfillment, you must become a good communicator. Take it upon yourself to cultivate the connector/communicator within you. Your Expanded Self is a wise and compassionate communicator. Let it guide you in all of your relationships. Keep the following tips in mind as you seek to improve your communications:

• Be the cause. Stay present, which means committing to creating mutual understanding, mutual benefit, and mutual enjoyment, and taking responsibility for the success of the communication.

• Keep an open mind and heart. Be flexible, ready to learn, and ready to see things in a new way.

• Focus on the other person. Focus on the other person and see their value.

• Find common ground. Learn to see things from the other’s perspective (even if, or when, you have a different opinion).

• Be authentic and clear. Use all five channels—thoughts, emotions, words, physical expression, and action.

• Be a contribution. Find how you can help, support, inspire, create change and express affection.

Use humor. Playful enjoyment can contribute to almost all communications.

If you feel that your relationships are unfulfilling and your communication skills are lacking!

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