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Autumn: Death And Renewal

Autumn always reminds me of the necessity of death for the sake of renewal. Have you noticed that just before the leaves die and drop to the ground, the trees are covered by striking colors of gold and red shimmering in the light? I call this the moment of their enlightenment.

It is as if the leaves know that they are dying and are bursting with the last drop of life, celebrating their life and their death, both at the same time. I imagine that they feel they will join the earth and live in another form. It seems like nature knows that “death” is necessary for renewal. What we see as death is just a transformation from one state of existence to another. Maybe this is why I feel autumn is a celebration of letting go, with all the glorious colors and incredible beauty.

We can all learn from nature to trust the little or big “deaths” in our lives, the shedding of the old. If we can let go, we can renew and heal. For me personally, letting go of my Art-Loft in Peekskill was a starting point for transforming the way I lead my daily life. I have let go of where I spend most of my time, and where I put my focus within daily life. I saw the necessity to let go of an overburdening work schedule and create more time for personal relaxation, meditation, spending time with family and leisure.

Letting go of old choices is not easy we get attached to our comfort zone even if it is not serving us any Longer. A continual practice of heart-felt introspection of our life choices is needed and with it the daily practice of releasing the past.

I love coaching and assisting people in moving through the past and beyond it. We look at and identify what is true and lasting within us and what is unnecessary, limiting, and false. Being who we truly are is our source of inner strength and success.

At this crucial moment of the conflict between Israel and Hamas the terrorist organisation, my prayer is that the traumatic difficult past can be released at a future point and a renewed vision and possibility will be born for the two nations(Israel and Palestine). To live side by side and mutually contribute to each other rather than seek to destroy.


Take a minute to meditate on what is important for you to let go of so that you can renew yourself and your life.

For example:

Write down your 3 negative habits you are ready to shed.

Are you ready to let go of the toxic patterns within your relationships in your life that are not serving you?

Are you ready to clear the clutter in your closet/home?

I hope you will take this opportunity to take advantage of this special time.


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