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Real Stories. Real People. Real Transformations.



Nomi Bachar has created a brilliant method of self-actualization. It's not one of those 5 minute success schemes but a roadmap which each participant creates with Nomi's guidance. Working with Nomi, helped me reunite with aspects of my self which I neglected. Nomi's intensive weekends are transformational. She playfully challenges us to go beyond our comfort zone and dive deeply into ourselves with her consistent loving support and guidance. I always feel that she sees greatness and potential in me, which I do not always see in myself. Then she provides a way to actualize that potential. Though it takes work Gates of Power is a method which can offer great joy and fulfillment.



Gates of Power is such a powerful tool in my self discovery experience. I have worked with Nomi for about 9 months now and I value the practices and insight of each session. I highly recommend to anyone seeking their true essence. Thanks Nomi!



When I first started working with Nomi Bachar 2-1/2 years ago, I was lost. Married, in my late 60s, and not really connected to my emotions, my needs and desires, my goals, my purpose. As a result, my relationship with my husband was getting rocky. I came to Nomi to save my marriage....but instead she saved me. Nomi helped me find my true sense of self. Her ability to understand me, empathize with me, laugh with me, cry with me and above all guide me to a place where I could know myself inside and out is uncanny. She is so wise, so learned, so experienced in so many different modalities of working with a client. She taught me how to get in touch with all aspects of my self. She showed me how to set personal goals for all aspects of my life, and how to consciously make a commitment to achieving them. I am writing this review during the Covid crisis, when I am sheltering at home with my husband, and our ability to live with each other 24/7, communicate with each other, share with each other, and love each other is 180 degrees from when I started working with Nomi. Working with her has helped me live my life authentically, honestly, and with creativity and joy. I’m not just living a better life….I’m living my best life. Thank you Nomi Bachar. I appreciate you every single day.



I’ve been working with Nomi off and on for many years. The growth I’ve experienced doing this work is truly remarkable. Nomi is patient and kind while also expecting a very high level of integrity and honesty with her and with myself. The framework she has developed has made it easier to discuss, analyze and ultimately heal difficult wounds. If you’re committed to doing the sometimes difficult work required for your own growth and healing, this is a very effective method.



At a vulnerable and delicate time in my life I was searching for a way to deal with my fears and anxieties. Finding Nomi and learning from her about her Gates Of Power method is like to finally find the missing piece! With her guidance I feel I am able to connect to myself and to my emotions in order to get a deep understanding of the way I think and act. I can see already shifts in my life and continue to grow with every session and move towards transformation and freedom.



I started working with Nomi because I had a lot of fears and anxiety. They were interfering with moving forward in my life. I learned through Nomi and Gates of Power that I did not need to live this way. I am so much calmer now and I feel empowered. Nomi helped me plan for my retirement which was terrifying to me. Thanks to her, I am thriving in my new life. There has been a shift in my relationships with my family. I feel really good about this and my family's relationships with me have subtlety shifted as well. I find Gates of Power to be energizing. I know myself better and I am growing more every day.



“Nomi helps create a path from the knowledge of the brain to the experience of the heart, which is

a key to personal power.”


Director of Programming, Ananda Center

“Ms. Nomi Bachar is a passionate, effective, and inspiring leader who is committed to supporting people to realize the highest within them.”



I have worked with Nomi Bachar individually and in group workshops over the years with great success. Her deep knowledge, patient demeanor and unique ability to hone in on the essence of what's blocking me has enabled me to create deeper relationships and overcome obstacles both personally and in my business.



I was reluctant to start but I am so ever grateful I made that first step to going on my Gates of Power journey. You learn essential tools and resources to help you understand your own mind (shocking I know!) and the direction you want to go on, with your path through life. You will be amazed at what you discover once you start to look through a Gates of Power lens.


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Affordable, private online counseling and workshops. Anytime, anywhere. Better than traditional therapy Gates of Power give You the tools to Release the negativity we hold on to, which holds us back from reaching our true potential. Learn how to Build positive habits which allow you to Balance Your life and Your Work. This creates a fulfilled, more productive way of life. Transform Your life. Now.

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