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Real Stories. Real People. Real Transformations.

Nomi Bachar is an excellent astute seasoned coach-psychotherapist. She will address your tangled web of problems, issues, habits erroneous notions and help you work your way out of them. If you are seeking to gain self-understanding, make real changes and raise your standard of well-being she is the real deal and can guide you in this most important journey. I am truly grateful to her for all her guidance and the gains I have accomplished. I highly recommend her and her unique process.


Vivian Barna, CLIENT

Nomi is one of those people that just gets it. I've been working with her for almost two years now and she helps bring a new perspective to every challenge I pose to her. She listens, allowing and encouraging you to speak authentically but also knows when to give advice. She doesn't just repeat back to you what you have told her... "So what I'm hearing you say is...". She has created a strong program that would help anyone discover their true passions in life. Worth every penny I invest in her/ myself.

Shannon Brown, CLIENT

I have been working with Nomi off and on for many years. The growth I’ve experienced doing this work is truly remarkable. Nomi is patient and kind while also expecting a very high level of integrity and honesty with her and with me. The framework she has developed has made it easier to discuss, analyze and ultimately heal difficult wounds. If you’re committed to doing the sometimes difficult work required for your own growth and healing, this is a very effective method.

Bill Ardito, CLIENT

At a vulnerable and delicate time in my life, I was searching for a way to deal with my fears and anxieties. Finding Nomi and learning from her about her Gates Of Power method is like finally finding the missing piece! With her guidance, I feel I am able to connect to myself and to my emotions in order to get a deep understanding of the way I think and act. I can see already shifts in my life and continue to grow with every session and move towards transformation and freedom.

Sharon Cohen, CLIENT

I started working with Nomi because I had a lot of fears and anxiety. They were interfering with moving forward in my life. I learned through Nomi and Gates of Power that I did not need to live this way. I am so much calmer now and I feel empowered. Nomi helped me plan for my retirement which was terrifying to me. Thanks to her, I am thriving in my new life. There has been a shift in my relationships with my family. I feel really good about this and my family's relationships with me have subtly shifted as well. I find Gates of Power to be energizing. I know myself better and I am growing more every day.

Helene Kane, CLIENT

"I needed help to start my single life over again and to find a way to feel okay with being me. I needed help in rebuilding my confidence. With Gates of Power, I learned to affirm that I am better than okay. I learned to release and allow my emotions of grief, anger, and disappointment to dissolve. I learned to be there for myself in my dark moments."


Nomi is a gift--she IS meditation, love, commitment, peace and acceptance and I get all of that from my one hour a week with her. I leave my sessions peaceful, open and accepting and I have learned through many years of hard work and letting go of many addictions that openness, peace and acceptance are the keys to happiness. Our work together has brought the greatest result I could ask for--an open heart.

Mike Kramer, CLIENT


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