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The 3 Secrets to Reinventing Your Life

The 3 Secrets to Reinventing Your Life

Deep inside of you, there is a gold mine of talents, abilities, skills, and passions. This is your raw potential. Intuitively, you know that you can be, express, and create much more than you do… You just don’t know how to get there, how to mine your gold out of the rock. There is a gap between what you want to be, do, and have and what you actually manifest. That gap is the cause of your frustration, confusion, and sadness.

We need an effective and practical system to help us move from potential to actualization. Put in other words, from raw gold in the rock to cultivated, refined gold that enriches yourself and others. I know that feeling of frustration and sadness all too well. It took dedicated effort. I have been counselling people for over 30 years, helping them to do just that. Take their potential, learn to release the mud around the gold (sense of limitations, fears, insecurities, self-doubts, etc.), and cultivate their raw gold into actual expression and the manifestation of talents, skills, and abilities. All of that translates into fulfilment, achievement, success, and a profound contribution to self and others. I have created the Gates of Power® program to give people an inspiring, effective, and practical system to reach their highest potential. Once and for all, move out of the frustration zone into the fulfilling achievement zone.

Here are the three big "secrets" or keys I offer in the Gates of Power® program.

When going on life’s journey, you need these three essentials.

K: The Key of Knowledge.

Know your inner map. Mindset is everything; knowledge is paramount. Knowing your inner map gives you the power to create the right mindset. I give you the exact tools to understand your inner map and navigate it towards a powerful mindset. L: The Key of Inner Leadership.

Inner leadership is your true power. I give you the tools to be your own inner leader, which translates to leadership abilities everywhere in your life. A: The Key of Actualization.

Move from dreaming to making things happen. I set you up with a vision/action map that covers all 7 areas of your life (your 7 Gates of Power®). You learn to make solid commitments and take action, becoming the creator of your life.

I go into a little bit more detail in this week's YouTube video, above, about these 3 keys. You have what it takes to be all that you want to be. The knowledge and the passion live already in you. It’s just waiting for some guidance to flourish. You just need direction. You will be given that when you enter the Gates of Power® program.

This is in one program. It works with your spirituality, creativity, emotional/energetic structure, and your vision/action life plan. 2023 is your Year!! This New Year treat yourself to a 30-minute free session with me.


I invite you to treat yourself to a 30-minute FREE consultation. A consultation that would put you on the path to claiming your true self.


You can reach Nomi Bachar at, 212-877-0346, Schedule a Free 30-minute call here.


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