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Thanksgiving The Real Stuffing

Over the last month, within my nightly meditations, I have been immersed in reviewing my life from as young as 5 onwards. Why is that??

Age calls for that, that’s true but there is more, the last 2 years of this journey have been trying, these have touched a need to see even more clearly the winding path of my life, a need for even a deeper recognition of my evolution.

What am I seeing?

I see important turning points, life-altering choices, heartbreaks, challenges, achievements, victories and creative endeavours, all leading to healing and spiritual maturity. It has been fascinating to witness the connections and the transformations.

But one most important and striking element became very apparent to me while experiencing these life revisitings.

At every juncture of my life, even as young as 10, I noticed that I was given some kind of help, guidance or protection.

Here are some examples

Two car accidents 1st when I was 12, & 2nd when I was 16 could have left me broken or paralysed and I was just bruised.

A romantic heartbreak at a young age caused me to meet a partner who was one of my most loving and healing bonds.

At the age of 20 somehow despite not showing any obvious acting talent I was chosen out of 1000s auditioning to be accepted into the academy for the performing arts and continued to have a successful career.

Later in life, as I was moving through my emotional healing (it was painful and long), somehow the right spiritual teachers and therapists showed up in my life.

In my work as an artist, within 30 years, inspiring creative ideas and visuals kept coming through and manifested in my work.

The holistic method and program of "Gates Of Power" as a path of healing was shown to me in clear detail.

The list goes on and on.

I see a presence, a loving power, that is supporting me in all the challenges and the victories. That calls for tremendous gratitude. This coming Thanksgiving gratitude takes on a new meaning for me, a deeper more peaceful trust and a sense of connection to the creative force I am part of and one with.

Take a look at your own life where do you see that help, guidance or protection was provided to you in life?

Do you think your life events are coincidental?


Can you see the universe putting stepping stones to help you proceed?

I wish us all a time of deep gratitude.


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