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Seven Ways To Thank Your Body

Whenever we start a new cycle, it is wise to take care of the basic elements of living. By doing this, we create a sense of grounding, which allows for our spirit and our emotions to soar freely. Our body, the temple of our inner being, is the most important of this basic element. By taking care of it, we create a peaceful and balanced home for our spirit. Let’s start by thanking our body for being there and serving us: 1. The Smile

Every morning as soon as you wake up, stretch! Make it a wide juicy stretch with sounds, accompanied by a big smile. Then thank your body for bringing you another day full of possibilities, adventures, and enjoyment. 2. The Touch.

Touch your cheeks, your shoulders, your tummy or any parts of the body you choose. Acknowledge them for the work they have done for you. Be specific. Example: “Thank you hands for writing, washing dishes, helping with yoga poses, hugging, and bringing my favourite health bar to my mouth!” 3. The Song.

When you step into the shower, cover your body with some sweet-smelling soap and sing a little song of joy and praise. Go ahead and invent a melody. Have fun! 4. The Beauty Treat.

Pour some wonderfully silky lotion on your loyal servant…your body, and give it a gentle healing massage. 5. The Taste.

When you make your breakfast, tune into what it is that your body wants to eat on that particular day. Don’t just give it the usual. Make it interesting, a little different. Your body needs variety and adventure. 6. Time to Move.

Allow the body some expression. How about putting some great music on? Take 10 minutes to “Boogie.” It is the best way to give your body “joy” time. 7. The Color.

Getting dressed, ask yourself, “What does my body feel comfortable in this morning? What are the colours and textures for today?” Put on clothes that would make your BODY and YOU happy. Each day is different. Celebrate it with a fresh combination of colours and textures. Take time to love the precious container of your spirit. It will send much love back. Because thanking our body helps it to relax and heal.

Enjoy! An Excerpt from the book Available on Amazon by Nomi Bachar “Let The Heart Speak”


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