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Light & Darkness

Updated: Jan 23

A few weeks ago I was moving through a challenging time when the war in Israel broke up. I felt worries and darkness engulfing me and I knew that this was a moment of choice. Where was I choosing to put my focus? Was I going to choose to dwell in fears or truth? I chose to dwell in truth and I need to renew and return to the truth over and over again. This is the power of choice. It is consistent, conscious and deliberate shifting of our mindset from darkness to light. We can choose to dwell in our dark, fearful and angry place or to dwell in the light of hope, faith, and the knowledge that we are one with the cosmic wisdom that brings about healing order and balance. The holiday of Hanukkah is about making that choice. The ritual of kindling the menorah symbolizes not only a historical victory but a timeless lesson. In a world that often teeters on the brink of chaos, our internal light becomes the guiding force steering us away from the abyss of destruction. The darkness may loom, but it is our shared responsibility to make that choice and kindle our inner light, to nurture and protect the flame within. Chanukah's radiant message is a call to embrace the inherent goodness within ourselves and others. The celebration transcends religious boundaries, emphasizing the universal truth that our collective light, when united, becomes an unstoppable force against the encroaching darkness. Choose to live in your light.


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