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From Lust to Love

Osho is one of my favourite spiritual teachers. I would like to use this medium to share his thoughts with you regarding lust and love. He wisely says that when you become interested in a woman or a man as an object, sooner or later the interest is finished because once you have explored the object, nothing is left. Then you are ready to move to somebody else. The woman looks beautiful, but how long can she be beautiful? An object is an object. She is not yet a person to you; she is just a beautiful object. It is insulting. You are reducing a soul into an object, a subjectivity into an object. You are trying to exploit. You are turning her into a means. Your energy remains ignorant, and you go on moving from one woman to another; your energy is running in circles. He says love means you are not interested in the woman or the man as an object. In fact, you are not there to exploit the other; you are not there to get something from the other. On the contrary, you are so full of energy; you would like to give some energy to the person. Love gives. And when love gives, it remains subjective, it remains rooted in oneself. Lovers help each other to be more and more themselves. Lovers help each other to become authentically individual. Lovers help each other to be centred. Love is respect, reverence, and worship. It is not exploitation. Love is understanding. Because energy is unoccupied with the object, it remains free, untethered. And that brings transformation. The exchange of true love, friendship, and mutual compassion is one of the most fulfilling experiences in this life. To be able to do that, one needs to be connected to themselves, and be a compassionate friend to themselves. Most of us don’t have a compassionate relationship with ourselves. Your knowledge and acceptance of yourself facilitate your being able to grant that to another person. I invite you to dedicate yourself to the journey of compassionate, transforming, self-knowledge. All good things would come your way when that is your intention and practice. I am here to help you know, love and transform into you that lives within you. If you are willing to look at your life more carefully and actually learn how to create a positive outcome in your life, treat yourself to the process of Gates of Power counselling/coaching. Begin by giving yourself the gift of a FREE 30-minute session with me. This New Year re-invent yourself and make 2023 a success!

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