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              Free Your Energy Field

The whole universe is a grand symphony of energy. We are energy fields dancing, ideally free, and joyous within it. Otherwise and not so ideally, we would find ourselves somewhat stuck. All destructive, unworkable, and imbalanced patterns and their wide range of impacts are the results of energy that is trapped. This includes diseases of the mind, body, and soul; as well as social, political, and ecological imbalances. We are all witnessing these imbalances within our lives and everywhere around us. We need to remember that the universe continues to expand and is relentlessly keeping us within its flow of evolution. It is not supporting our hampering defensiveness, and it keeps pushing us beyond it.

Since balance and expansion start within each one of us, we need to learn to observe, moment to moment, how we handle our energy. Do we contract? Deny? Repress? Control? Are we allowing the flow of feelings and sensations to move through? We are responsible for freeing our energy and creating ourselves as the vibrant and expressive beings that we are meant to be. Make it a point to notice when you get reactive, tight, defensive, or wilt away. At that moment, and actually in each and every moment to moment, make a choice to relax, open up, and allow emotions and sensations to flow and move. Open the door for them consciously by breathing, accepting, and letting what is be. Fear, pain, and anger are all forms of energy. When we allow them to move through our energy field, we expand and become more grounded in our spirit.

With all the emphasis on good Chi or good Feng Shui, it is also important to get into the habit of regularly checking the energy flow in your home and surroundings. One of the basic ways to check the energy flow in your home is to imagine Chi as water. If water were to flow into your home from the main door, where would it stagnate? Would it be free to harmoniously flow to all the areas of your space, gently refreshing them? Would it rush out of the back door, or would it get stuck in certain corners? Your inner energy, your environment, and the exchange of energy between yourself and others are all opportunities for freedom and openness. Your spirit wants to expand, and your emotions to flow. It's up to you to keep the door open. Give yourself the right inner support and care to establish inner health.

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