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Committed to Grace

Years ago, I visited The Met to see the Interwoven Globe exhibit. The exhibit tells the story of human passion for the art and craft of beautiful fabric and the shared exchange of inspiration between east and west. My eyes were bathing in the exquisite colors and shapes of these inspirationally woven and painted fabrics. It was a moment immersed in beauty.

Next to me was an elderly lady in her late 80s. She was walking slowly, leaning on her cane. As I moved past her, she looked at me and smiled. Her eyes were full of tremendous light. She was radiating grace. She just smiled and moved on, but my heart stopped. The love, joy, and warmth of her eyes struck me. All of the sudden, at that moment, the saying, "Seeing God in the eyes of others" became an unshakable experience. "She is committed to grace," I thought to myself.

I'm sure she had her share of disappointments, hardships, and challenges, but it seemed to me that her soul returned, over and over again, to grace. My senses told me that she had moved through the "darkness" as a passage for gathering strength so that she could embrace more of the light. That one smile and that one moment taught me what a life of commitment to grace could make possible.

Our light is born out of the darkness. Every negative situation is a stone on the road to enlightenment. If we learn to walk over through negativity and transform those lessons learned into tools of empowerment, then we’ll also be able to smile with the grace of God in our eyes.

Let’s take an example: Think of a challenging situation in your life. You might have an emotional reaction; pain, anger, fear. Let yourself feel your emotions, but at the same time remember that you are not your feelings. You have them, but you are not them. You might also have a defensive reaction. The most important thing here is to tap into the compassion and awareness that lives in our inner wisdom. Look at every situation through the lens of your Expanded Self, with that vision; you will always facilitate clarity and empowerment since you will be seated at the seat of grace. An excerpt from the book by Nomi Bachar “Let the Heart Speak” Available on Amazon.

Nomi Bachar is a holistic counselor, coach, self-healing self-actualization expert, and bestselling author. She is also the founder/director of White Cedar Institute, and the creator of the Gates of Power® Method. Gates of Power® is a method a program to self-heal transform, reach your highest potential, and fulfill your purpose and goals. If you feel you are not fulfilled in your life know that there is a way. Living is experiencing life with your whole self and being present. Take a step to help yourself Take an Action TODAY. Book yourself a 30-minutes free session with me.


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