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Saying Goodbye

This Friday, the last one in August, I said goodbye to my beloved Art loft in Peekskill. I handed the keys to the next artist who is going to live there and enjoy it. This magical place with its 17 windows, beautiful wood floors and a space that is wide enough to have 25 dancers move freely and widely while 75 others can sit and enjoy them was my home. I lived there for 20 blessed years. There I danced, rehearsed, performed, wrote, enjoyed fun gatherings and led many transforming workshops. Saying goodbye was hard! So why did I say goodbye? There are necessary losses in life. To move to our next growth chapter, we need to let go of the recent one, no matter how much we loved or enjoyed it. Our ability to let go and move to our next growth stage is a practice to be honoured. There can not be true growth otherwise. We allow the sadness of saying goodbye to be. We feel it and accept it, we allow the hesitation and concern about the next unknown part of life to be and we keep moving in the direction that feels right to our soul. Just like in nature death and rebirth are a part of living and evolving. I hope you are moving away from your comfort zone into your growth zone. If you are ready to understand be your own best friend and learn to enjoy your own company. Take the first step towards your potential life.


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