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Coming to Peace

Many of us struggle with insecurities, low self-esteem, fear of rejection and the inability to communicate our authentic feelings and thoughts. The ones of us that work diligently towards our transformation, find themselves struggling with their healing process. I salute each one of you, who is committed to finding your love, respect and appreciation of your true self. When you achieve your inner strength you become a contribution to yourself, to your community and the world. Coming from your "Expanded Self" means coming from generosity of spirit. Our world and our planet need that today more than anything. It took me personally many years to heal inner wounds as well as fears and insecurities. I am very grateful for having the commitment and strength to go through the ups and downs of my journey. Today I like to offer you a short poem I wrote in one of my reflecting moments.

My dear soul – A Prayer

Know that you are enough

You deserve to receive all blessings

You deserve to receive support and loving acknowledgement

You deserve to relax in your moments and enjoy them

You deserve to express your truth in communications and creative endeavours

You deserve to celebrate your gifts and feel the power of your contribution

You deserve to live in the embrace of peace

Written by Nomi Bachar

If you are ready to understand your emotions instead of bottling them up. Take the first step towards your potential life.


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