• Nomi Bachar

Your Daily Dose of Happiness

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Our days are filled with work and worry.  Our “To Do List” is so comprehensive that most of the time, we forget to do the small things for ourselves.  Like the vitamins our parents told us to take every day, we need to remember to give our inner being it’s daily vitamins as well.  Think of them as supplements of happiness or as I like to think of them, my favorite joy pillsBelow are things that help me find moments of happiness. I know they can help you as well. Enjoy!

Lazy Time

Lazy time was definitely one of the most difficult things for me to get used to. Just thinking about it got me anxious; the overachiever in me would panic. If you are like me, lazy time is a must. I always admired people who could lounge around, being deliciously lazy for hours. I also used to think that they were wasting their life away. I had a love-hate relationship to laziness. Later, I realized that laziness, like most things in life, needs to be kept in balance. A person also needs to assess why he or she is lazy. Is it because they need rest, or are they using it to avoid something? The lazy time I am suggesting is a conscious choice to rest, relax, and replenish. This doing nothing is not an avoidance tactic but a pause, an energetic slowdown, a full permission to let go of doing and thinking. Lazy time is on my personal list of pleasures.  Check with yourself—are you resting or are you avoiding? Do you allow yourself some lazy time or are you compulsively doing, doing, doing, and more? It’s a question of balance, giving and receiving, inhaling and exhaling.

Using Your Hands to Create

There are many ways to enjoy creating things with your hands. You must admit that it is satisfying to see the end results of these creative activities. Start by looking around the house for possibilities. For example, I painted patterns of red and gold inside all of my lampshades to achieve a certain atmosphere, and I love it.  I created an angel out of strings of gold and silver wires and gemstones to put above my bed.  I had never done that before, and never since.  I created earrings and necklaces, changed or added fabric on my decorative pillows, and the list goes on.  Get your hands busy.  Repaint a picture frame or a room.  Cook, knit, build a bookshelf, or mount one.  Rearrange the furniture, mend the broken chair, and give it a new look.  Clear the closets and re-organize or renew their compartments.  Repot plants. These simple, creative projects are “doing” meditations.  They quiet the mind and enhance your environment.

Delight in Being

Choose a day and dedicate it to indulging in your senses.  On that day, commit to experiencing all your regular daily activities with extra-open senses.  For example, noticing how the light hits your eyes first thing in the morning.  How your body feels under the covers.  How does that first step out of bed feel?  The water on your face? The sounds of the street? The taste of your first cup of tea or coffee? This is a great practice in being present in the moment and present to your senses.  It teaches you to appreciate being alive.  You will be distracted.  Don’t let it discourage you.  Keep coming back to your senses.

Your joy pills might be different from mine, but what is important is that you give yourself these indulgences daily.  Do remember to take these in conjunction with your “healthy pleasures.”  If you don’t feel better after, feel free to call me in the morning.

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