• Nomi Bachar

Winning The Inner Oscar

Girl with hair covering her face standing in a field with sun shining as it sets

We love watching the Oscars. The beauty of the stars, the glamor of the gowns, the lights, the glitter, the entertainment and the artistic excellence all touch our hearts. They make us smile and might even turn us a bit green with envy. We, too, want to feel glamorous and admired, especially during this time of love and magic. Well, it is natural that we desire that. Actually, it is within our reach. What we need to do is turn our eyes inward and catch a glimpse of our glorious spirit, we would be awed and amazed.

The same consciousness that created the rivers, the stars, the mountains and all the galaxies created us and resides within us. It shines through our smiles, loves through our energy and creates beautiful things through our creative ideas.

Look within yourself.

Beauty, excellence, and love are your true essence. If only you could just know it, feel it and enjoy it, you would realize the star that you really are and the contribution you make by being yourself.

Christmas is all about love and magic. These live within you and pour out from your heart to the world.

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If you are looking for therapy sessions nearby in New York, Nomi Bachar is a trained psychotherapist and self healing/self actualization coach. She provides spiritual, emotional, and practical guidance to help you transform your life. Her program Gates of Power, gives you the power of self healing and the ability to reach your potential. Her spiritual books guide you through the process of attaining the possible you.