• Nomi Bachar

Which Reality Do You Choose To Live In?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Within our inner being, there are three aspects, three colors, three parts, and three states of being. Two of them, our Emotional Self and our Defensive Self, are very tied down to our physical existence and survival. These two create our human psychological reality. The third aspect, our Expanded Self, is directly connected to our spiritual reality. We humans are living in both of these realities at the same time.

Most of us get stuck, entangled and caged within our psychology, which is the realm of our Emotional Self and our Defensive Self. When these two parts of the self are not healed and freed from suffering, they keep us bound.

I remember myself being stuck in a painful emotional state for many years as a young woman. In these young years, I lived in constant sadness and quiet despair, caught in an emotional fear of abandonment. Luckily, I was very passionate about finding a way out, and I did. My experience helps me support others in doing the same. It propelled me to create a program — Gates of Power® — that ushers people step-by-step towards that freedom.

Yes, we get caught in fears, old pains, insecurities, and distrust. Our past, and more importantly, our emotional interpretation of it, keeps us prisoners. Since it is difficult living there, we find numerous distractions to escape the internal turmoil. We become addicted to substances, pleasures, thrills, status, material objects, facades, comforts, success, to name just a few.

None of these truly help us to release our suffering, since we’re not facing the root cause of it. All that while, we are missing the experience of our spiritual reality — the expanded, infinite realm with its beauty and abundance.

You can’t do both — you can’t be caught in the prison of the psychological realm, and at the same time have the internal freedom to experience the spiritual realm. We must choose where we want to live. This choice is just the first step. Then comes the dedicated journey to move from suffering to freedom.

The Gates of Power® program gives you the tools to use your Expanded Self — this intuitive, compassionate and wise part of you — to coach, heal and transform the two others (the Emotional and Defensive Self). The loving guidance of your Expanded Self can bring these two parts to peace.

The Gates of Power® program provides a specific transformational process to create a healthy, peaceful, unified inner being. This process helps you to become free and available to experience the truth and beauty of the spiritual reality.

An excerpt from:

Gates of Power: Actualize Your True Self by Nomi Bachar

Gates of Power® eliminates inner challenges, doubts, and insecurities. It empowers you to have confidence, inner power, and the ability to reach your true potential.

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