• Nomi Bachar

Valentine starts with Me!

February is the month dedicated to love.

Valentine's day is vibrant with the idea of giving and receiving love from and to other people. Your capacity to give and receive love depends on your ability to love accept and appreciate yourself, let's not forget that! We here at Gates Of Power are going to dedicate the next few weeks to some practical steps to support our readers in the most important transformation of deepening self-love.

Self-Love Rehab: Step I.

In this section, we begin our self-love rehabilitation. In the next nine sections, we will walk through ten steps that will strengthen your connection to yourself, and deepen your self-love and self-appreciation.

The first thought I would like to introduce to you is the power of choice. In every moment of life, you make choices, whether you’re conscious of a present decision or not. You must train yourself to be the master of your choices. You can’t leave them to chance. You can’t leave them to others. You can’t blame them on your childhood, your spouse, your boss, or any other person or circumstance.

At the root of our global economic woes, for instance, is a decision to leave things to chance and play the blame game. And just as economies appear to be collapsing under a weight of inaction and indecision, so too will the marketplace of our heart and soul if left without a commitment to bold decision making and actions. The simple fact is that it is all up to us. We have been given the free will to choose and create our lives according to our vision. And we need to embrace this gift. By making conscious, constructive, creative choices, we gain dominion over our lives.

Are you ready to make choices that will lead you to self-love? If you are, here’s the first step: Make a list of at least ten things that you like about yourself. The list can include your gifts, skills, character traits, physical attributes, etc. Choose to accept your embarrassment, insecurities, or even guilt, and go ahead, have a ball appreciating yourself.

When I give this assignment to my clients, a lot of them immediately feel uncomfortable. This happens mostly because we are not taught to appreciate ourselves. It is considered selfish. So we shy away from appreciating the things we like the most. And if we have to make a list of those things we like about ourselves and declare it to others, we feel embarrassed, or at the very least, awkward. You too might experience all these feelings, and here is where the word “choice,” comes into the picture. Make the choice. Do it now. Your tendency might be to postpone this. But just make the choice.


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