• Nomi Bachar

Use Four Questions to Uncover Your Essence

man with a backpack walking on a forrest path

The lotus flower, a symbol of beauty grounded in the mud and nourished by it, is a powerful image. Take yourself into the mud for a minute, into the roots of suffering, which are also the roots of self-knowledge.

All prominent religions speak of suffering as part of the great plan and the purpose of life itself. So, let’s dive in to befriend the dark abyss. When we ponder our lives, four big questions stare us in the face:

1. Who am I? Who am I beyond the obvious facts of my life history, my resume, and my beliefs? Who am I in my essence?

2. Why am I here? What is the true meaning and purpose of my life?

3. What are the roots of my suffering? What is in my way?

4. How can I dissolve the roots of my suffering and learn to experience peace?

As long as human beings have been around, they have asked these questions. Tremendous amounts of written material, oral traditions, and different teachings ponder them. Scientists, artists, philosophers, and spiritual and religious authorities all attempt to answer these basic and profound questions. All of these questions are connected. When we know who we are spiritually, beyond the externals, we realize why we are here and move toward understanding the purpose and meaning of our life. Suffering is eased by the ability to live in alignment with a deeper truth and a sense of purpose.

It helps to get to know ourselves first on the level of mind, body, and behavior— not an easy task. Then, we can learn to experience who we are, beyond our mind, body, and behavior. This is a lifelong journey.

Mindfulness and compassionate witnessing bring us to discover who we are beyond our physical and psychological makeup, and our suffering can aid us to uncover our essence.

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