• Nomi Bachar

Trees And A Lonely Bear

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Nomi Bachar leaning on a large tree

I have been staying with my sister in Florida for the last couple of months working remotely like many of us. This last Saturday, we went to visit the Flamingo Gardens in south Florida. It is a beautiful sunny day and I am in heaven walking through a lush tropical forest that is protected and cultivated here. We are walking among giant awe-inspiring trees, shrubs, and bamboo forests, color-stricken flowers and orchids hanging from the trees, birds, geese, parrots, and peacocks, walking around with fearless confidence.

Nature has the power to bring us deep joy and peace. We need it now more than ever. I watch the wide, strong and planted trees. I touch them, and lean against their peaceful trunks. I am moved and a bit envious. How so secure they must feel? Deeply grounded in the earth, their heads caressed by the winds, sun, and sky. There, they peacefully stand for hundreds of years, totally trusting their existence. I think of our own lives, how vulnerable and unpredictable they can be, filled with concerns and unexpected turmoils. How can we learn to live with the same grounded peace of these trees???? All of a sudden the sky opens up and a torrential flood pours on the gardens. We run for shelter. A guide directs us to cover and it is right by the habitat of a lonely rescue bear. The guide tells us the story of the bear. “He was used for entertainment,” the guide says, “and when he was not “working” he was placed in a dark, small room. Now he has a nice patch of land to call his home.” I am peeking through the window and I see the bear’s brown back, he is sitting by himself, his head bowed in the pouring rain. He looks so lonely and sad to me. This lonely bear is a reminder of the sadness and loneliness we humans go through. As I am standing there, I remember the years that I felt that way, and my heart breaks for a moment.

How do we learn to live like the trees, grounded in the earth, kissing the sky, peaceful, and secure? I found that inner feeling. For me, it was a slow and at times, a painful journey. Today, it is a practice. How about you?

Let's clear our inner house on a daily basis and allow our emotions to move through and release themselves. Letting go again and again of whatever constricts, burdens, and limits us. Let's remove objects that we don't need, people and relationships that are not nurturing to us any longer, and concepts that are blocking of us from living with an open heart.

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