• Nomi Bachar

Transform Your Life With the Four Commitments

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I created “Gates of Power®” program to help people reach fulfillment, wellbeing and success in their lives. I define seven areas of life that I call gates.

The gates are channels of expression of the self. When all these areas of life are energized, supported, and unblocked, you experience your inner power and your life works as a whole.

There are four guiding principles that work magic when they become commitments. Taking on those commitments you transform from mediocre, haphazard leader of your life into an excellent one. Life can be a bumpy road and you want to be well equipped to take on the journey.

Here are the four commitments:

· Know yourself. Cultivate keen awareness as to what is living within you--your emotions, beliefs, thoughts, needs, desires, and dreams. In short, who are you in truth?

· Attend to yourself. As you begin to listen and get to know yourself, embark on the sacred task of taking care of yourself and being responsible for your total wellbeing.

· Create a discipline for self-transformation. The third commitment emerges from the first two. Knowing yourself and attending to yourself both need time, focus, and awareness. In other words, discipline that is nurturing and joyful.

· Live a life of contribution. Each one of us is a bundle of skills, talents, and gifts. The idea of “following your bliss” means following what we naturally love and turning our passion into contributions to ourselves and others.

All four of these commitments are connected and build on each other.

If you're interested in learning more about the Gates of Power® program take a look at my book, available for purchase on Amazon.