• Nomi Bachar

The War in the Mind: How to Create Peace

wooden bridge covered with moss in the forest

No matter what happens to us and around us, we always have a choice to be who we choose to be. We are the painters of our inner canvas. What are you painting internally these days?

Who are you choosing to be right now in this time of stress?

Who are you crafting yourself to be every morning when you get up?

What are you committed to, one day at a time?

Fears and uncertainties are everywhere, inside and out. The big questions of physical and financial survival are staring us in the face. War is waging within our minds and hearts. A war between fear and trust. The war has always been there, but times like these take these two, fear against trust, to the extreme. We are presented with the opportunity to take a stand which would you be: trusting, connecting, creating or disempowered by fear and concern? Your power as a human being is your choice and your daily practice.

When I get up every morning, I renew my trust in divine order and its infinite wisdom. I give thanks and I open myself to receiving guidance, abundance and health. I commit to being channel for all that I receive and ask to find the words and the actions to express inner power and peace.

I would like to share with you a few tips for creating peace.

  1. Stay in communication. Share your heart with your close circle and be a listening space for them.

  2. Be in the process of crafting your inner and outer reality.

  3. Find ways to inspire yourself and others.

  4. Create your silent time morning and evening. Use it to go deeper within to connect with the life source. Open up to receive by giving thanks for all you have received up till now and all that you are receiving.

  5. Commit to your vision and to what matters to you most. See it, Feel it, Live it in the silence. (Whatever we fully experience, attracts it to us)

Now go about your day, being present and filled with trust.

This challenging time teaches us the power of creating our reality. The freedom and the ability to do that, lives within us. When we can do that, we learn trust truth.

If you are looking for therapy sessions nearby in New York, Nomi Bachar is a trained psychotherapist and self healing/self actualization coach. She provides spiritual, emotional, and practical guidance to help you transform your life. Her program Gates of Power, gives you the power of self healing and the ability to reach your potential. Her spiritual books guide you through the process of attaining the possible you.