• Nomi Bachar

The Three Gifts

The Christmas holiday has become all about gifts giving. Beyond practical and tangible gifts what is more important is the spiritual and emotional gifts that we give each other. Let's not forget that!

The universe is showering us with gifts on a daily basis. In this blog, I would like to mention the three precious gifts bestowed on us by the creative force:

1. Freedom to choose the way we lead our lives.

2. The ability to create and express.

3. The desire to give and receive love.

Can you think of three more important elements? These gifts are ours, free of charge. We seldom stop to acknowledge these gifts and be grateful for them. We take them for granted. A person’s life is measured by the way he or she is using these three gifts. Take a minute and evaluate how you honor these in your life. Ask yourself:

How am I using my free will? Am I taking full responsibility for my choices? Am I making choices that lead me to growth and fulfilment? Or Am I keeping myself limited and confined?

Take a look at your choices from the small ones of what you eat and how you exercise to the big ones of how you walk your life path or how you relate to yourself and others. An honest and compassionate examination can propel you to shift some of your choices and possibly commit deeper to the best in you.

Now do the same with the question of How are you using the gift of your creativity and authentic expression? Are you hiding behind a mask, playing a role or are you taking chances on being creative and expressive? Last but not least:

How are you managing your heart? Are you dedicated to having a loving attitude towards yourself and others? Or are you sheltered behind defensive walls, playing it safe?

You and I know that the journey of life is not colored black and white. We live in the grey, inching forward consciously and consistently towards our openness. What matters is our commitment to actualizing these three most beautiful gifts we were given.


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