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Thanksgiving: The True Stuffing

This Thanksgiving is extremely meaningful for all of us, In the past, the two years of the pandemic have been deeply challenging, many of us lost loved ones, jobs, or our health. The struggles forced us to pause and re-evaluate all our priorities. The questions of what really matters, how we want to live, work, or direct our future life, stared us in the face and demanded our attention. It has been a time of great transformation. I believe that there has not been even one person, globally, that wasn't impacted by this period. The Idea of giving thanks has been more important to me than ever before. As years passed I loved Thanksgiving for many reasons. One, it allowed me to consciously stop and ask the question “What am I Thankful for?” Two, it marked the beginning of the winter season, with all its frozen glory. Three, I loved the colors of Fall, and the colors of the food; the yellows and golds of squash, the deep orange of sweet potatoes, and the reds of cranberries mixed with all kinds of greens. Last but not least, the company of loved ones and friends. The laughter and warmth are all things I am grateful for. This Thanksgiving is different for me. The deep sense of gratitude for being alive and being able to recreate my life is profound. I hope that despite all the activities around this holiday you will take a minute to meditate gratefully on the preciousness of your life and your vision for the inspired you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Blessings, Nomi


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