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Take Yourself On Fun Dates

How many times do you take yourself, just you and yourself, on a fun date? Most of the time, we think of fun dates with other people, friends, siblings, mates, and children; we associate fun with being with others. It’s the same mistake we make when we think of receiving love, support, or compassion. We associate these with the generosity of other people. In reality, we need to be the first ones to be generous with ourselves. It is important to learn to give ourselves compassion and advice. We need and become self-reliant, while still welcoming support from our friends. The same applies to having fun. How liberating and wonderful it can feel if you can take yourself on fun dates and enjoy them thoroughly, even though it’s just you. Doing this is necessary, it’s a part of learning to be your best friend, to be your loving parent, and to be your playmate. I would recommend taking yourself on a fun date at least once a week. Dates don’t have to be over-planned, extravagant affairs. They can be simple such as: 🦋 Sitting on a park bench and watching the sky, the trees, the people, relaxing and just having a good time, taking a moment out of your busy day and taking in the world. 🦋 Doing something small, like watching again (maybe for the 3rd time) an old movie you love. 🦋 It could be making some new and exotic food that you have decided to put together for yourself as an experiment. 🦋 Going on a bike ride and visiting a part of your neighbourhood that you have not visited for a long time or checking out an interesting museum exhibition. 🦋 For the more adventurous, you can try taking yourself on an extreme adventure like hang-gliding, rock climbing, or a trip to Hawaii. The idea here is to cultivate a habit of having fun all by yourself. When you can be your best friend, you will find out that you are so much more relaxed in your other relationships. Once you are at ease, you will not go into relationships with acute needs that may burden the other person. You will have become your primary caretaker and you will enjoy and honour this role. Go ahead and discover the pleasures of being your playmate. If you are ready to understand be your own best friend and learn to enjoy your own company. Take the first step towards your potential life.


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